– We have concluded contract with companies Durr Systems Rus (Russian representative) and Durr Limited (Great Britain) on modification of exhausting air ducts system of paint shop, Ford Motor Company in Leningrad Region.

There must be performed dismantlement of 3 chimneys (diameter: 1,5 – 2,9m, height: 28m); installation of exhausting channel from old chimneys to new one (stainless still, totally welded, app. 1200 m of welding seams); set of works on ductwork modification within paint shop. Main works on dismantlement of chimneys and installation of new exhausting ductwork must be executed during 2-weeks manufacturing shut-down.

– We have concluded contract with Durr Systems Rus LLC

It includes installation of 19 by-pass pumps on the line of preliminary processing and cataphoresis application in paint shop of Hyundai Saint-Petersburg. The whole work must be performed during weekends at night shifts and day shifts.

– We have concluded contract with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus and Doolim-Robotics (Korea)

It includes installation of robotic body painting line in paint booths of Hyundai manufacturing in Saint-Petersburg. To fulfill the works our company must develop as-build documentation, conduct industrial safety expertise, and conduct equipment certification. Also we will manufacture and install more than 100 tons of metal structures, install more than 80 tons of equipment, including 20 paint robots. And we will perform full complex of electrical works, robots connection with compressed air ducts and paint ducts. Aside from that all 3 paint booths must be modified as well as ventilation system.

– Works have been started at Peugeot car manufacturing plant, Kaluga.

Within the scope of the contract “MAD Engineering”, Co Ltd must perform installation of supporting metal structures and installation of conveyor systems in welding shop and assembly shop.

– The contract between MAD Engineering, and Durr Systems Rus have been concluded for works at Ford car manufacturing plant.

The scope of the works includes dismantlement of existing chimneys in paint shop, adjustment of new chimneys as well as new technological ventilation systems.